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Go, go, go!


What is life like now that Evie is crawling?  This about sums it up:

In addition to the crawling, she’d getting better by the day at pulling herself up.  It’s not going to be long before she starts “cruising” (a term I just learned for when the baby uses furniture for balance while walking around the room):

In other news, Evie turned nine months on Friday!  Hard to believe the first year is 75% over.  To celebrate her new, more mature status, we took her to the Menil Museum this weekend.  While there, we learned that Evie inherited her father’s perfectly sensible distrust of the out-of-doors (the weird R2-D2 beep you’ll hear is from a text I got while recording the video):

We also snuck in a picture, despite the museum’s rules against such things:


Andy Warhol gets his fifteen minutes of Lil’ Varmint fame.

Other than that there haven’t been too many major developments.  There has, though, been plenty more cuteness:

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Lots has happened since the last post.  We spent the 4th of July with Norie’s family in Galveston, which meant Evie had her second crack at her grandpa’s pool.  He bought her a floating golf cart to help ease her into it all.  She was apprehensive at first, but it didn’t take long for her to decide that pools are awesome and floaties are the best:

The other big news is that she started crawling a little over a week ago.  She’s learned how to switch from crawling to sitting and back, and is generally on the go most of the time:

I’d been afraid of her being mobile for a while but am actually finding it to be a little easier.  We have her main play area well baby-proofed, so I can let her roam.  I have to keep an eye on her, of course, but I don’t have to constantly move her or her toys to keep her entertained.  I also think she’d gotten pretty bored with being stuck in one place, and this opens up a whole new set of activities for her, such as charging at her dad:

In addition to crawling, she’s also getting really good at manipulating the things around her.  She strums the ukulele on a regular basis and got a whole new set of toys that give her practice with her fine motor skills.  All of this means that the foam floor that we thought was such a great idea is now little more than a giant puzzle for Evie to take apart:

Other than that, she remains a happy, healthy baby:

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The construction ended last Friday – finally.  It’s been great for us and, more importantly, Evie is enjoying it immensely:

Now that bath time is a much easier affair, Evie has more time to focus on developing her talents, which include music:


And training to be the Peekaboo Champion of the World:

She’s also sort of started crawling.  When she’s really motivated (i.e. trying to grab my hamburger) she can move pretty well, but when she’s just rolling around randomly looking for toys she still has a tendency to go backwards, which can lead to a lot of hilarious predicaments:

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Apparently she’s decided that the best time to practice all of this is when she’s supposed to be going to sleep.  This has resulted in some pretty hilarious sleeping poses of late:

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Other than that, she just goes about her day being adorable:

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