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She’s Walking!


I’ve been behind on posts yet again, and have a lot to add in the upcoming days.  For now, though, I thought everyone might want to see evidence that Evie’s got the whole walking things down (well, sort of – she took a tumble yesterday and now has her first official “booboo” in the form of a scratched up lip and nose):



San Diego Christmas (a.k.a. Christmas #2)


Here is the belated Christmas post!  The beginning of the trip to San Diego was a bit rough.  Evie did great while we waited through a delay in Houston:

WP_20141224_20_00_02_ProThe plane ride itself, though, didn’t go so well.  It took her about an hour to get to sleep, and she cried for the final twenty minutes or so of the flight.

We followed that rough night, though, with a fun Christmas day.  Evie got to meet her cousins, Brad and Marcel:

mfp-7Then it was time to open presents:


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Once Christmas was in the books we just hung out, saw parts of San Diego (Evie got to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time), and got professional pictures of the family taken.  We don’t have the final pictures from that yet, but here is a preview of Evie hanging with a Who from Whoville:



In between all that Evie and Marcel had lots of time to bond, especially over divvying up the stuff in my wallet:

All in all, the two of them had a lot of fun together:

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Fortunately the trip back went a lot better than the trip there.  Evie even used the horrible elevator music on one of the planes as an excuse to show off her dance moves:

Sure, she’s spent the next week sick, but all in all Evie handled her first flight pretty well.  I’ll have a post for Christmas #3 with Grammy G soon.



Evie’s Kitchen


I’m still working on the San Diego post, but in the process of downloading the various pictures/videos I came across a folder of videos that I had forgotten about.  Here is one of Evie discovering her big Christmas present from Grandma and Grandpa Messmer:

And, just for good measure, here is… Buckethead!

New Year’s Evie II


I’ve been slow to post since getting back from San Diego in part because Evie caught a cold at some point.  As with almost everything, she’s been a trooper, but isn’t sleeping well and is getting tired of us wiping her nose all the time.  This is the price she paid for a week of excitement, including not one but two more Christmases (bringing her total to three).

I also have a ton of pictures and videos to wade through before I’ll be able to put together full scale posts.  So, for now, I give you Evie’s first video of 2015: