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Friends in High Places


Comicpalooza, Houston’s annual comic convention, is this weekend, and I decided to get in touch with my inner nerd and see what it’s all about.  Overall, I found it a bit underwhelming, but one thing made up for it: George Perez was there (he’s a comic book legend as both an artist and writer, and is probably the most important writer of Wonder Woman (my favorite character) since William Moulton Marston created her).

Even better, he was giving free autographs and sketches in exchange for a donation to charity.  I figured, who better to give Evie her first drawing of Wonder Woman than one of the most important creators to ever work on the character?  Check it out:

Wonder Woman

What makes this even cooler is that Mr. Perez was really generous about allowing photographs/video, so I recorded him drawing the picture (and he even left a little message for Evie at the end), so someday Evie will be able to watch her Wonder Woman picture being made (crank up the volume for some rollicking 70s theme song action):

So, I stand corrected – books, music, and a custom drawing of Wonder Woman.  Now Evie has everything she needs.

And just in case anyone was wondering, I took care of myself, too, while I was at it.  I got Mr. Perez to sign two of my Wonder Woman books, and got an autograph from everyone’s favorite Wookie:

"The text translates to: Raawwwwwwr!"

“The text translates to: Raawwwwwwr!”


A Cheeto with a Face!


We had another doctor’s appointment this morning and got a new picture.  This doctor is a big fan of the 3D images for some reason, but it’s better than nothing.  At least now the picture resembles something vaguely human, though Evie didn’t want to cooperate – she kept putting her arms in the way and hiding behind the placenta.  That’s it, she’s grounded until October!

Without further ado, here she is:



The doctor said that everything looks good and there is no cause for concern.  He also thinks she’s larger than her due date would suggest, so she might be heading into week 18, though our regular doctor says week 17.  As long as she’s born on October 31st, I don’t care.

Pre-Mother’s Day


I realize Norie isn’t officially a mother yet, but we went ahead and celebrated the day anyway.  We started with a great brunch at Danton’s with Norie’s mom, then headed to the MFAH to see their special exhibit: Picasso – Black and White.  While there, we finally remembered to take a picture of Norie as proof that is she starting to show.  Here is said proof:

Okay, it might have been a LITTLE smaller if we hadn't just come from Danton's.

Okay, it might have been a LITTLE smaller if we hadn’t just come from Danton’s.

Up next – we visit the doctor on May 17th to get another ultrasound, so we should finally be able to post a picture that doesn’t look like a blurry pea or a Cheeto.

Astros Anniversary


Norie and I have a tradition of going to see a baseball game on (or close to) our anniversary.  We always hang out and have a good time, and the Astros always win.

Astros Anniversary

Until this year.  An older drunk guy sitting next to us wanted to chat with me the whole game, so Norie and I didn’t get to talk much, and the Astros… well, the Astros suck.  Coming off a 17-2 embarrassment against Detroit, they lost in the game we attended 9-0.  We stuck around to see if the Detroit pitcher could get a no-hitter, but the ‘Stros got a hit in the 7th.  Lest anyone think they were doing well, the next batter grounded into a double play to end the inning.  Man, they suck.  We hardly even got to wave our foam finger.

Part of the 'Stros problem might be that this foam finger cost more than their payroll.

Part of the ‘Stros problem might be that this foam finger cost more than their payroll.

On the bright side, we got to add to Evie’s growing wardrobe (and for the record, Norie’s claim that I’m trying to turn Evie into a sci-fi princess/superhero is inaccurate – she forgot to add robot to the list).  Astros fandom will teach Evie the important values of humility and perseverance in the face of disappointment.

They'll also teach her that it's hard to win when your highest paid player is on another team.

As a photo bonus, you can also see the shoes that were Norie’s gift to me on this, our leather anniversary.

Next year, we’ll have to decide if Evie is big enough to go to the game with us.  Regardless, she’d probably be an upgrade in the ‘Stros starting line-up.

Evie’s Cute Outfits and New Bib


Unlike Dave who wants to make Evie into a sci-fi princess/superhero, I would like her to look like a cute girl. Last weekend I bought her first “real” clothes.

Handmade BibI bought this bib from Space in Montrose. Sadly, this company also sells a lot of bibs with the state of Texas on it. I ignored that and picked out this adorable, reversible bib.

OnesieNext, I went to Target to pick out a couple of outfits. The issue that I immediately faced was that everything was pink. Now, pink is OK, but I don’t feel like I need to dress my baby in pink to make her a girl. So I picked the above onesie. I liked the yellow and the elephant.

Froggy outfitSince Evie is going to be born in late fall, she needs clothes that we can layer. There were a few of these onesie, pant, hoodie ensembles, but it was hard to find one that wasn’t unnecessarily girlie or had silly words on them. The best color scheme had “cutie” written on the chest. Evie will obviously be a cutie and won’t need the word on her clothes. I eventually went with the outfit above based on the frog. I’m glad that American children’s clothing has adopted Japanese-style animals.

Other updates: I’ve been feeling much better lately. Yea!! We’ll also be setting up our new bed next weekend. I’m so excited to get the old furniture out of our place.