Go, go, go!


What is life like now that Evie is crawling?  This about sums it up:

In addition to the crawling, she’d getting better by the day at pulling herself up.  It’s not going to be long before she starts “cruising” (a term I just learned for when the baby uses furniture for balance while walking around the room):

In other news, Evie turned nine months on Friday!  Hard to believe the first year is 75% over.  To celebrate her new, more mature status, we took her to the Menil Museum this weekend.  While there, we learned that Evie inherited her father’s perfectly sensible distrust of the out-of-doors (the weird R2-D2 beep you’ll hear is from a text I got while recording the video):

We also snuck in a picture, despite the museum’s rules against such things:


Andy Warhol gets his fifteen minutes of Lil’ Varmint fame.

Other than that there haven’t been too many major developments.  There has, though, been plenty more cuteness:

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  1. I’m a little jealous that Evie gets to hang out in my old neighborhood. It’s too bad Cafe Artiste isn’t there anymore–she might have enjoyed sitting in a broken booth, drinking cup after cup of coffee in the hopes of staying awake while watching Vertigo.

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