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What’s Cuter than Evie? Two Evies!


Not much has happened since the last update, but this video was too good not to share right away.  I’m not sure if this is what Lacan had in mind when he spoke of the Mirror Phase:

And just for good measure, here’s Evie in her jungle outfit:


It’s the giraffe shorts that tie the whole outfit together.


Belated Update


I haven’t updated in a while simply because there haven’t been any major events.  Evie continues to sleep well at night and to be happy and healthy during the day.  She’s getting closer and closer to holding herself up, which means crawling won’t be too far off either – not sure if I’m all that excited about that development.  In the meantime, though, she’s a delight and lots of fun.  Here’s proof:

She also continues to solidify her title as cutest baby ever:

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Evie has a library card!


This morning Evie informed me that she needs to read up on Homer a bit, and her Ovid is a tad rusty.  So it was off to the library.  Evie and I are now proud owners of library cards to the Houston Public Libraries.  As you can see, Evie was thrilled:

After brushing up on her Classical literature, Evie decided to check out one of her favorites: Dr. Seuss.

"He's the Homer of the 20th Century."

“He’s the Homer of the 20th Century.”

This capped an eventful week in which Evie learned that sports are infuriating (damn you Peyton Manning),

"You're right, dad, Manning is overrated."

“You’re right, dad, Manning is overrated.”

feet are tasty,

sitting up is hard,

and dancing with mommy is hilarious:

And of course, she remains photogenic as all get out:

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