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We’re Back!


I know it’s been a while, but I’m going to make a concerted effort to post more regularly in the near future – I can’t leave Evie’s adoring fans hanging! (Note: some of the higher quality pictures in this post take a while to load – just wait, they’ll show up eventually).

A lot’s happened since the last post.  Norie and I have gone on two trips each, I’ve taught an entire summer course, and Evie has been adorable.  Don’t believe me?  Check this out:

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She’s still growing at a steady rate, though nothing grows as fast as her crazy ginger hair.  Norie wants her to get a trim, but I say let it flow.  After all, a spitfire should have locks to match:

In addition to the general cuteness, she’s also been busy visiting with people, including trips to see both sets of grandparents:

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She’s also continued to make friends and share her awesomeness with the people around her:

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And then, of course, she’s continued learning new skills.  She learned how to touch trees:

Then quickly decided that she was way too advanced for that and moved on to touching poles:

She’s also honing her computing skills:

After a lot of practice, she’s gotten swinging down, both on a swing:

And a bar:

She continues to push the envelope on modern fashion (the stethoscope accessory is really what pulls the outfit together):

Her speaking continues to improve, with new words almost daily.  She’s best, though, at mimicking the sound of a bell:

She’s also become an expert at making funny faces.  Well, making one funny face anyway:

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And finally, she still loves her books.  In fact, she’s become quite the speed reader:

With the Houston heat in full effect we don’t get to roam campus as much as we used to, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still find time to explore:

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In general, though, we’ve been focusing on more indoor activities.  She’s been obsessed with butterflies lately – pointing to them any time they show up in a book or on clothes – so we took her to the butterfly garden at the Museum of Natural Science.  Naturally, she reacted with… terror:

We’ve found other indoor things that don’t scare the bejeezus out of her:

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Somehow, with all of this, she’s still never short on energy.  In fact, we try to end every day with what we call “The Running of the P” right before bedtime:

All this energy made us wonder if all kids this age are so energetic, or if Evie is just a little spitfire.  Evidence points to the latter:

When she does finally, crash, though, it’s usually pretty epic:

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And in case this monster post doesn’t contain enough Evie for you, here’s one more video: