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Evie’s Cute Outfits and New Bib


Unlike Dave who wants to make Evie into a sci-fi princess/superhero, I would like her to look like a cute girl. Last weekend I bought her first “real” clothes.

Handmade BibI bought this bib from Space in Montrose. Sadly, this company also sells a lot of bibs with the state of Texas on it. I ignored that and picked out this adorable, reversible bib.

OnesieNext, I went to Target to pick out a couple of outfits. The issue that I immediately faced was that everything was pink. Now, pink is OK, but I don’t feel like I need to dress my baby in pink to make her a girl. So I picked the above onesie. I liked the yellow and the elephant.

Froggy outfitSince Evie is going to be born in late fall, she needs clothes that we can layer. There were a few of these onesie, pant, hoodie ensembles, but it was hard to find one that wasn’t unnecessarily girlie or had silly words on them. The best color scheme had “cutie” written on the chest. Evie will obviously be a cutie and won’t need the word on her clothes. I eventually went with the outfit above based on the frog. I’m glad that American children’s clothing has adopted Japanese-style animals.

Other updates: I’ve been feeling much better lately. Yea!! We’ll also be setting up our new bed next weekend. I’m so excited to get the old furniture out of our place.