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She’s (sort of) Walking


We’re still figuring out Norie’s new camera, so it actually turns out that I have some pictures from before the previous post, which I will get to in a moment.  But the big news of the moment is that Evie is almost walking!

Now back to the older pictures.  A few weekends ago we took Evie to the zoo.  I’m not sure if she is old enough or experienced enough to realize that she was seeing anything remarkable – or any more remarkable than everything is to her at this point.  Still, it was fun to get to look at the animals:

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In other news, Evie’s diet continues to expand.  Each meal she usually eats some of the food off of our plates before going back to the pureed stuff.  She also just turned 11 months old, which means we only have one more month of formula – we’re really looking forward to being rid of that stuff!

Other than that she’s just her usual goofy self.  Here’s proof:

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High Falutin’ Pictures


Norie got a new camera and has been having fun taking pictures of Evie with it.  Here are some of the best ones:

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Otherwise, things just keep plugging along.  Evie continues to explore the concept of pulling things off of shelves.  I say “explore” because there is no sense of joy while she does it.  I’m convinced that she sees it as a chore that, for some reason, is her sole responsibility:

She’s also on the go all the time.  She’s been able to go up stairs for a while now:

When she’s not on the move she’s gotten pretty good at imitating us.  Her favorite is clapping:

Now if we could just teach her to clean up.


More Soon!


In addition to things being super busy, Norie and I both got new phones and she got a new camera, all of which are slowing down the process of compiling all the Evie footage.  Next week I’ll hopefully have time to figure all that stuff out, but in the meantime I thought I’d throw up a few pictures.

We decided to move Evie’s baby gate as she was getting pretty tired of being cooped up, as this picture shows:


“I cannot be contained!”

We are now using the gate to block off the pantry, giving Evie free reign of the kitchen and hallway and, if we leave the doors open, the bathroom and bedroom.  Part of the reason we have so little time is that this new arrangement means we spend a lot of it cleaning up after Miss P:

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In addition to new play places Evie has also made some new friends.  She got to meet Molly on Sunday, which was really awesome.  Then, on Monday Kendra brought her seven-month-old boy Nathan into town for a visit.  We were planning to go to the Children’s Museum, but it was closed.  We hung out at Barnes & Noble instead.  Nathan was very well behaved and even shared a book with Evie.  Evie thanked him by… pulling his hair.  Nonetheless I think they had fun:

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We’re Back!


The busy-ness has struck, hence the lack of posts of late.  I’ll try to cover things in this one, big post.

It all began with O-Week – the time when the new students arrive and get ready for the semester.  It was fun but busy.  Evie was a trooper as always, and reunited with some returning students while also making a ton of new friends/fans:

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Though every once in a while she would decide she’d had enough of everyone and leave the party behind:

In the midst of it all we tried to cram in a little family time before things got really, really nuts.  Evie visited the children’s museum a couple more times, where she was up to her usual hijinks:

We also took her outside where experimented with different textures.  She’s doing better with grass:

But prefers sand:

Though both pale in comparison to calendars wrapped in plastic, laying on the floor of a Barnes & Noble:

She turned ten months old last week, and made another visit to the doctor for a checkup.  Everything is going well – she’s where she should be on all the measurables.  We weren’t surprised, as things continue to progress daily.  Her motor skills are strong (though her attention span could use some work):

Her wrestling skills are also strong:

She’s getting closer and closer to walking:

Through it all, she remains a daredevil baby:

And as if that weren’t all enough, she’s still cute as all get out:

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This past weekend, Norie checked out a Digital SLR camera from the library and has been using it to get some super sharp (and sometimes artsy) pictures:

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