She’s (sort of) Walking


We’re still figuring out Norie’s new camera, so it actually turns out that I have some pictures from before the previous post, which I will get to in a moment.  But the big news of the moment is that Evie is almost walking!

Now back to the older pictures.  A few weekends ago we took Evie to the zoo.  I’m not sure if she is old enough or experienced enough to realize that she was seeing anything remarkable – or any more remarkable than everything is to her at this point.  Still, it was fun to get to look at the animals:

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In other news, Evie’s diet continues to expand.  Each meal she usually eats some of the food off of our plates before going back to the pureed stuff.  She also just turned 11 months old, which means we only have one more month of formula – we’re really looking forward to being rid of that stuff!

Other than that she’s just her usual goofy self.  Here’s proof:

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