More Soon!


In addition to things being super busy, Norie and I both got new phones and she got a new camera, all of which are slowing down the process of compiling all the Evie footage.  Next week I’ll hopefully have time to figure all that stuff out, but in the meantime I thought I’d throw up a few pictures.

We decided to move Evie’s baby gate as she was getting pretty tired of being cooped up, as this picture shows:


“I cannot be contained!”

We are now using the gate to block off the pantry, giving Evie free reign of the kitchen and hallway and, if we leave the doors open, the bathroom and bedroom.  Part of the reason we have so little time is that this new arrangement means we spend a lot of it cleaning up after Miss P:

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In addition to new play places Evie has also made some new friends.  She got to meet Molly on Sunday, which was really awesome.  Then, on Monday Kendra brought her seven-month-old boy Nathan into town for a visit.  We were planning to go to the Children’s Museum, but it was closed.  We hung out at Barnes & Noble instead.  Nathan was very well behaved and even shared a book with Evie.  Evie thanked him by… pulling his hair.  Nonetheless I think they had fun:

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