We’re Back!


The busy-ness has struck, hence the lack of posts of late.  I’ll try to cover things in this one, big post.

It all began with O-Week – the time when the new students arrive and get ready for the semester.  It was fun but busy.  Evie was a trooper as always, and reunited with some returning students while also making a ton of new friends/fans:

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Though every once in a while she would decide she’d had enough of everyone and leave the party behind:

In the midst of it all we tried to cram in a little family time before things got really, really nuts.  Evie visited the children’s museum a couple more times, where she was up to her usual hijinks:

We also took her outside where experimented with different textures.  She’s doing better with grass:

But prefers sand:

Though both pale in comparison to calendars wrapped in plastic, laying on the floor of a Barnes & Noble:

She turned ten months old last week, and made another visit to the doctor for a checkup.  Everything is going well – she’s where she should be on all the measurables.  We weren’t surprised, as things continue to progress daily.  Her motor skills are strong (though her attention span could use some work):

Her wrestling skills are also strong:

She’s getting closer and closer to walking:

Through it all, she remains a daredevil baby:

And as if that weren’t all enough, she’s still cute as all get out:

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This past weekend, Norie checked out a Digital SLR camera from the library and has been using it to get some super sharp (and sometimes artsy) pictures:

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