New Adventures


Norie’s out of town this week, leaving me to take care of Evie by myself.  It’s a little draining, but overall it’s been a blast.  We’ve passed the time with lots of fun activities, most notably yesterday’s trip to the pool:

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Unlike her last attempt, she took right to it this time:

We’ve also passed the time with long conversations via fart noise:

Otherwise, things continue to go smoothly.  We’ve been experimenting with new bedtimes procedures and they are working like a charm.  She takes two long naps a day now and goes to bed with minimal fuss.  She’s also eating solid foods like a madwoman, and has her first tooth (I haven’ seen it yet, but I’ve felt it – it did not feel good).  This might explain why she loves to end her meals with a little post-baby-food chew:

Other than that she’s her usual happy, healthy self, though we’re both looking forward to momma being home!  Next week’s going to be hectic – there will be summer camps in the building, we’re getting a bathtub installed, Norie is getting surgery on her wrist, and I’m finishing up my last week of teaching summer school.  Fortunately, my mom will be in town to help out.  Whew!

At least we get to go through it all with the cutest baby ever:

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