Mother’s Day!


It was Norie’s first Mother’s Day as a mother.  We spent the day in – I’m not a big fan of fighting crowds to have an obligatory meal that won’t even be as good as it would be any other weekend.  Instead, I took Evie grocery shopping so Norie could do her own thing for a while, then I cooked dinner.  It was a nice day and Evie was, as always, a delight.  Here are a couple mother/daughter pictures in honor of the day:

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We’ve also had some other big days in the meantime.  Our anniversary was on the 1st and we celebrated with our traditional baseball game.  We’ve added a new tradition of getting Evie an outfit from the gift store:


The ‘Stros actually won this time!

Then, there was my birthday on the 10th.  Norie got me an antique typewriter, and Evie and Chekhov offered their combined cuteness:


Everywhere I look there’s adorable.

On the Evie front, there have also been some milestones.  The biggest being that she has finally mastered the art of rolling over:

Then there’s the standing up:

Sitting up still isn’t 100%, but it’s coming along:

And, of course, riding grandma’s knee is going splendidly:

Most importantly, the cuteness remains off the charts:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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