6 Months/Doctor Visit


Evie turned 6 months old on the 25th.  I couldn’t post because I was in D.C. for my grandma’s funeral.  Though it was a sad occasion, it was a good chance to see family and spend time in D.C.  Also, Evie got to meet her Uncle Brad:

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Fortunately, I came back in time to take Evie to the doctor for her 6-month checkup and another round of immunizations.  Everything continues to go well and Evie is growing and developing as she should.  She’s tall for her age – 81 percentile, but thin – 39 percentile.  Hopefully we aren’t raising a super model.

The doctor wasn’t concerned that she isn’t crawling yet, which is good, because tummy time continues to be a struggle.  She can stand really well – as long as she has something to hold onto she doesn’t need me to hold her.  I’ve been taking her to baby events at the library in the hopes that she’ll see them moving and get inspired.  So far, it hasn’t worked:


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And to wrap up, here is another crack at the video that didn’t work in the last post:


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