Grandmas and Grandpa


The weekend before last Evie had a visit from her Grandma and Grandpa M, and on Saturday her Grandma G stopped by as well.  Evie, of course, was thrilled:

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In the last few weeks Evie has also gotten a bunch of new devices.  First, there’s the bouncy toy (I’m not sure what it’s actually called):


She’ll like it even more when her feet reach the ground.

Then there’s the new stroller.  She likes it.  I do not (but at least I’m running again):


Evie had a nice nap. I did not.

Finally, there’s the new set of foam floor tiles that enable Evie to roll around and learn to crawl:

For once she didn't just roll over.

For once she didn’t just roll over.

In addition to her new toys, she’s also discovered a new hobby: building up her online and social media profile…

"This XML client is soooo 2009."

“This XML client is soooo 2009.”

And, of course, she continues to be a goofball who laughs at her dad’s silly noises:


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