Long Overdue Post


It’s been incredibly busy in the Messmer-Guthrie household, hence the lack of posts.  To rectify that, I’m adding this megapost.  Evie’s so excited to be resuming her web presence, she decided to dance a little jig:

She’s continuing to do extremely well – happy, healthy, and keeping us on our toes.  It helps that she’s quite the social butterfly:

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It’s no suprise that she’s so popular, given her sunny disposition:

She’s also really taking to the out of doors:

It’s fitting that she likes the grass so much because she’d growing like a weed.  We’ve also started experimenting with a bit of solid food, with mixed results.  She’ll take a few bites but has to be in the right mood to do so.  We’ll let her figure it out at her own pace – I expect she’ll be ready for the steakhouse by June.

This morning she rolled over for the first time… only to immediately roll back.  Yep, her stance on tummy-time hasn’t changed a bit.  In fact, she goes out of her way to avoid it:

Despite her refusal to stay on her tummy, she is getting pretty good at standing up.  She can support her own weight, but has no balance.  She’s also getting better at sitting up.  Again, she has to be in the mood, but when she is she’ll make a go of it:

On the home front, all continues to go well, though things remain extremely busy.  Last week Evie experienced her first Beer Bike and Willy Week here at Rice.  About a month ago she was named Grand Admiral of the Sid Navy, so she had a lot to oversee in preparation for all the events.  It was a fun week and Evie made it through all the excitement like a trooper:

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As if all of this excitement weren’t enough, Evie also got a huge influx of new books.  Elise was cleaning house and let us take as much as we wanted from the hundreds of children’s books she’s amassed from her years working in an elementary school:

"Thanks Aunt Elise!"

“Thanks Aunt Elise!”

And, finally, there is the usual cuteness that knows no bounds:

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