New Adventures


We decided to bring in the new year in style.  By which we mean we fell asleep around 8, woke up at 11:30, sucked down some champagne, and that was that.  We did manage to get a few pictures, though:

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Yesterday, I went to a white elephant gift exchange and came away with the greatest gift ever:


Then, today we decided to take Evie on a few adventures.  We went to D’Antons and Evie’s first trip to a restaurant was a success.  She just chilled and then went to sleep:


“Whew, that was exhausting.”

Then, we decided to try giving her her first shower.  How did she react?


“No sir, I didn’t like it.”

With all of this excitement, Evie needed a chance to blow off a little steam.  She did so by beating one toy owl with another toy owl.  Makes sense to me.


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