New Year’s Evie


So, yeah, 2013 was kind of a big one in the Messmer-Guthrie household.  To commemorate, here’s a quick slideshow of the year in review:

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All of this is not to suggest that she hasn’t been doing other note-worthy things in the past few days.  She went to the doctor the day after Christmas for a checkup and her first round of immunizations.  She’s now ready to mingle!  She’s also up to almost 11 pounds, meaning that she’s no longer the smallest critter in the apartment (she’s bigger than Simone, still smaller than Chekhov), and she grew to 22 3/4 inches.  The doctor didn’t have any concerns, so everything is moving along as it should.

Otherwise we keep plugging along.  She’s sleeping for longer and longer stretches at night and seems more and more aware of her surroundings by day. Oh, and she’s adorable:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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