Two Months Old (oh, yeah, and Christmas)!


It’s been an eventful week in Evie-land.  My dear friend Virginia is in town and, as a baby gift, put her professional photography skills to work capturing the cuteness that is Evie.  We’ll get the pictures in a few weeks.  The whole ordeal, though, was apparently pretty hard on the P (that’s what we call her most of the time these days):


Being so photogenic can wear a girl out.

Another interesting development in the past few days is that we’ve discovered that Evie likes the guitar.  She’ll lay on her changing table and watch me play for quite a while, and gets really excited and smiley:

When not rockin’ out, Evie is helping her mom with our tradition of making a Christmas gumbo.  We’ve decided to film/photograph Evie and her mom working on the roux every year.  Here is this year’s edition:

All of this, of course, led to Evie’s first Christmas, which also fell on her two-month birthday.  What did she think of all that?  Apparently, she was a roller-coaster of emotions:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She also got to listen to lots of Christmas music, with mixed results:

She also spent the day – and the days leading up to it – being her regular adorable self:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of this is to say, it’s been a busy week for the baby.  So, without further ado, Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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