Evie is officially smiling:

And we're certain it's not just gas... sort of.

And we’re certain it’s not just gas… sort of.

It’s certainly a nice thing to see, though she smiles at inanimate objects almost as much as she smiles at us, so we’re trying not to get too full of ourselves.  She’s also started cooing a lot more and just generally being expressive, as evidenced by this video (which also proves the continued value of our investment in the Moma-Roo):

With Evie more prepared to interact with her world, we’ve started trying to give her more world to interact with.  The weather’s been beautiful, so we’ve taken her for several walks around campus, and today she visited the farmer’s market.  She’s not a big fan of the stroller, but likes her Bjorn as well as being carried freely.

She’s also getting BIG!  It’s amazing how quickly she’s outgrowing a lot of her clothes.  Along with the growth spurt comes a need for more sleep, so things have been much calmer around here of late, and Evie just seems in better spirits than she did a few weeks ago when we thought she might have colic.  Here are some pictures of the happy baby:

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