Days 4 & 5


Whew, turns out taking care of a baby is hard work.  We made it back from the hospital Monday morning but not before getting one final picture:

It looks like I'm sleeping, but I'm actually packing with the sheer power of my mind.

It looks like I’m sleeping, but I’m actually packing with the sheer power of my mind.

Then we started the trek home, which wasn’t much of a trek since we live within walking distance of the hospital.  We came home to a couple very nice messages from the students:

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Of course, once we got home, the first thing to do was introduce Evie to the cats:

Eventually, they started to like her:

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The second thing Norie had to do was take her post-delivery shot:

Spoiler alert: it's prune juice.

Spoiler alert: it’s prune juice.

Once all that was settled, we started the rotation from feeding, to burping, to diaper changing, to sleeping (not much)… repeat.  Evie was alert enough to check out her crib, listen to some music on her mp3 player, and otherwise hang out.

This morning, she went to the doctor for the first time.  She was not amused:

Her weight’s a little low, but we’re getting that under control.  In the meantime, Norie has started running a low-grade fever, so we’re about to head to the doctor to get that checked out.  Otherwise, we’re just doing our best to plug along.

Oh, and of course we’ve been photographing Evie left and right:

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That’s it for now.  More soon!


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