Day 3


After a very long night Evie’s settled into a nice little rhythm.  We’re glad because last night was pretty harrowing.  She just cried and cried, and wanted to feed all the time, but then when she tried to feed would just fall asleep.  That’s all completely normal, but that doesn’t make it less tiring or frustrating.

Today’s been a different story.  She’s feeding on a pretty regular schedule and sleeping well in between meals.  It also helps that Norie is moving a lot better – she’s been able to nurse from a chair rather than the awkward hospital bed, and can go to the bathroom and things with relative ease.

On the medical front all continues to go well.  Evie seems perfectly healthy and hasn’t lost any more weight than is normal.  Her vital signs are all good, and there doesn’t seem to be any reasons that we won’t be able to leave the hospital tomorrow.

But, of course, the real star of any post is the pictures, so without further ado, here are some more:

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Next post will be from home!


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