Evie’s Playlists


To prepare Evie for the world, I’ve been creating playlists. I feel that I’m rather gifted at the art of playlist making. I’ve been honing my skills since I was in elementary school.

Dave has made his own playlists. He has one of random music, which he wrote about many weeks ago. He also has one of classical music and jazz. Classical music and jazz are great and all, but I want a baby who’s ready to belt out some tunes. Thus, I’ve created four playlists. Please note that these are all Spotify playlists.

Playlist 1: Calm Evie — Based on the title, it’s clear that this is her chill music. When she’s become too crazy, I can just try to bring the excitement level down a bit with songs from artists like Judy Collins, David Bowie, Otis Redding, Cat Power, etc.

Playlist 2: Dance, Evie, Dance — I love to dance. Dave does not. I want to make sure that she enjoys shaking her tail feather to music from the 1950s on. She’ll be like this…

…only cuter.

Playlist 3: Evie Have Fun! — Dave thinks it’s lame for Evie to listen to kid music. I’m OK with it, but think she can have something even better…goofy adult music. This might also cause her to dance and make weird noises, which is wonderful.

Playlist 4: Sing and Dance Evie — Evie’s life cannot be complete without showtunes. This is really a must and will help prime her for watching movie musicals when she gets older.

Take a listen to any or all. I’m also up for suggestions, but do be aware I might judge you harshly on your music tastes. Do expect these to be tweaked a bit more over the following weeks.


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