A New Living Room


Dave and I have been busy the last couple of weekends. First, I dismantled half of the couch and moved it over to the other side of the living room. Then, I shifted our two chairs to where the couch used to be. The oatmeal chair will be replaced in a few weeks by a comfy glider for Evie. Quick side note: Dave noticed that we just started calling her Evie on the blog, but actually never wrote down her full name. It’s Evelyn Piper, Evie for short. Back to the changes, Dave dismantled our small entertainment shelf, took the doors off a built-in storage area that was part of the kitchen cabinetry, and placed all of the electronics in there.

In October, we’ll go ahead and remove the other part of the couch and make that part of the living room Evie’s space. She’ll need room for her tricked out baby swing and other baby accessories. Being confined to a crib is not really an option for the varmint.

Here’s the new space.

Living room 1


Living room 2


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