Friends in High Places


Comicpalooza, Houston’s annual comic convention, is this weekend, and I decided to get in touch with my inner nerd and see what it’s all about.  Overall, I found it a bit underwhelming, but one thing made up for it: George Perez was there (he’s a comic book legend as both an artist and writer, and is probably the most important writer of Wonder Woman (my favorite character) since William Moulton Marston created her).

Even better, he was giving free autographs and sketches in exchange for a donation to charity.  I figured, who better to give Evie her first drawing of Wonder Woman than one of the most important creators to ever work on the character?  Check it out:

Wonder Woman

What makes this even cooler is that Mr. Perez was really generous about allowing photographs/video, so I recorded him drawing the picture (and he even left a little message for Evie at the end), so someday Evie will be able to watch her Wonder Woman picture being made (crank up the volume for some rollicking 70s theme song action):

So, I stand corrected – books, music, and a custom drawing of Wonder Woman.  Now Evie has everything she needs.

And just in case anyone was wondering, I took care of myself, too, while I was at it.  I got Mr. Perez to sign two of my Wonder Woman books, and got an autograph from everyone’s favorite Wookie:

"The text translates to: Raawwwwwwr!"

“The text translates to: Raawwwwwwr!”

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