Furniture and Other News


First a quick update, as discussed in an earlier post, I was planning on having to sign-up for daycare immediately. After looking at the fees ($1320 per month, which has to be paid no matter how often we use it), I decided against that. Dave and I can hire someone to come and watch the baby when Dave is teaching. So the daycare issue is solved for now.

Now on to something fun…Instead of buying an IKEA or similar type of particle board changing table, Dave and I decided to buy some antique furniture for our bedroom/the baby’s room. So far we’ve replaced our IKEA chest with an Art Deco piece with a beautiful beveled mirror.


Yes, the mirror needs to be cleaned.

At the same antique store, the owner had bedside tables that are not an exact match, but are quite similar to our new chest.

Dave has already covered the table in books.

Dave has already covered the table in books.

Next up, we’re replacing our bed with a sage button-tufted headboard. We sold our IKEA bedroom set to a Sidizen, Eric Li, who will hopefully give it a good home in his new adult apartment.

We also found out that we might be getting a whole bunch of baby accouterments like car seats, strollers, etc., from my Aunt Carolyn via my cousin Darren and his wife Latia. Yeah!!


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