And We’re Having a… Wait for It… Cheeto!


We went to get chromosome testing today to make sure everything was going well with the fetus.  We’ll get the official results in a couple weeks, but the doctor said the fetus looked healthy and there was no reason to think that the baby will have Downs’ Syndrome, which is the most common concern.

We also got to see another ultrasound and get another picture.  As you can see from the 3D image that the doctor gave us, we are giving birth to a healthy Cheeto:


For some reason, we only got a picture of the 3D image, which isn’t nearly as useful as the 2D images.  In those it’s clear that the fetus is developing well.  It actually looks kind of human now, complete with four limbs, a nose, and a startling talent for doing the worm.  We also heard the heartbeat, which I have to say, had excellent bass tone.

The doctor also told us what he thinks the gender will be (we’ll know for sure when we get the test results in a couple of  weeks).  He cautioned that, at this stage, he can’t be sure just from looking, but he thinks we’re having… a girl!  Looks like it’s time to add the Princess Leia outfit to the R2-D2 outfit that we’ve already ordered (and by “we’ve already ordered” I mean, “I ordered while Norie shook her head”):



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