I’m Becoming One of Those Mothers


Helicopter MomBecause I’m a planner, I checked out how much paid leave I will receive from my job (6 weeks for a normal birth and 8 weeks for a Cesarian). Since my paid time off is so short, I thought I should go ahead and check out Rice’s childcare center.  My initial questions were about the cost (I still don’t know that one.) and how young will they take babies. When finding the answer to the second question, I discovered that there is a waiting list. Yes, a waiting list. To have a chance of getting a spot, I have to submit an application 7 months early.  When I called to get more of an explanation, I found out that to get in any childcare center in Houston, I have to fill out applications now.

As soon as the reality of this sunk into my head, I realized that by default I will be one of the those mothers. You know the one who fights for her child to go to some silly preschool in the hopes that it will help him/her get into Harvard. But I guess I have to accept my fate and fill out the application in the hopes that my baby will have a place to hang out next January.


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