And So It Begins!


There haven’t been any updates to the blog for a while because, well, there haven’t been any updates period… until yesterday!  I don’t plan on making a habit out of having life-changing events that involve urine, but this one was a welcome one.  It’s taken a while, but we finally got two bars (four if you count the second test Norie took just to verify the first):


So, according to what we could learn from the internet we have an October 23rd due date, and the fetus is currently 5 weeks old and the size of a sesame seed.  Not a poppy seed, not a strawberry seed – a sesame seed.  Next on the agenda are lungs and a heart.

So, while the fetus is busy getting its organs in order, we’re going to get going with our own preparations – I’ve already put together a playlist of awesome child-friendly songs (that will be the subject of my next post), and now we can finally place that order for the books we picked out last summer.  Really, with books and music covered, there’s not much else to plan, right?



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